Literacy CAN U CARDS

Consolidate essential literacy skills. These books offer an informal, short and exploratory method of assessing basic literacy skills and provide fulfilling activities that draw students into practising those skills. They encourage exploration and discussion while maintaining the focus on the essentials of literacy. Requiring minimal preparation time, the cards are organised in developmental progressions and have the flexibility to be used with a range of learning abilities and contexts.

Ages: 5-12 years

About the Author

Picture of Jason Novosel

Jason Novosel

Jason began teaching in 1998 in a private secondary school in Queensland before transitioning to the state secondary system as acting Head of Department English. Having gathered an array of teaching experiences and qualifications along the way, he has now launched his own training and consultancy to pursue his passion for adult education. Jason has developed training and assessment units and has sat on district panels for curriculum subject development in Queensland. Jason shares his creative flair for designing educational materials with his mother and co- author, Pauleen.