Learning At Home

There are many reasons why students may need resources to help them learn while at home, rather than in a physical school classroom. Most reasons will relate to individual personal circumstances, such as ill health or family situations, while sometimes the reason is more widespread. Recent Covid pandemic lockdowns meant many students could not attend school and learn in a classroom situation, possibly for an extended period of time.

The Learning at Home resources provided here can be purchased by parents or teachers for student use at home. The majority of these resources are suited to New Zealand curriculum levels from Emergent and through Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4. This means they are mainly at primary school level, although there are also some resources here for intermediate and junior secondary. Their content ranges across core subjects and different learning levels. Some contain activities and tasks in more than one learning area, such as literacy, numeracy and creativity. Others focus on one subject or skill area in particular, such as Te Reo, mathematics, grammar or other writing skills. Check out the full range of options.