engage young readers

How to engage young readers

Leaning on his time as a teacher, Paul Mason, highly published children’s writer, reflects on how he puts the child at the heart of what he writes – wanting children to see themselves in his stories.

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Teenage Anxiety

Teenage anxiety and learning in school

Teenage anxiety can have a profound effect on learning. Dee Doherty, educator, author and former special needs adviser, looks at some of the causes of teenage anxiety and suggests what schools and individual teachers can do to address this issue.

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dyslexic readers

Tips for teaching dyslexic readers

Students with dyslexia struggle to learn to read and spell. Compared with their peers (of the same intelligence, age or year level), dyslexic students progress at a slower rate and participating in reading, spelling and writing activities involves much more effort for them.

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relationships in the media

Relationships in the media

I’ve been giving some thought to how much relationships in media influence the way we think about relationships in real life. While the research findings on the subject aren’t unsurprising, it is clearly a highly relevant theme in teaching media literacy. 

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extending children's learning

Extending children’s learning

When we spend time talking and playing with children in an early childhood setting, we learn more about what interests them. In that way we gain more opportunities to build on their early experiences, extend their learning and so enhance their development.

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