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A-Z of Special Needs - Key information for early childhood and primary teachers

ISBN: 9781921613388
Code: TS0116


A-Z of Special Needs Cover

An indispensable reference providing early childhood educators and primary teachers with succinct, accurate and timely information on a wide range of childhood disabilities and conditions.


  • key features
  • general description
  • incidence and related terms
  • implications for the classroom and other environments
  • adaptations or strategies

Pages: 74 | Ages: 0-13

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About the Author

Anne has worked as a special educator in a variety of settings, and holds a Masters degree in Special Education. Her experiences include teaching children and young adults with intellectual, learning and physical disabilities as well as behavioural challenges which make attendance at school a challenge.

As well as teaching classroom literacy and numeracy, Anne has worked as a teacher of sport and recreation and has taught within the Professional Writing and Editing course at Chisholm Institute.

To date she describes her most challenging and inspiring teaching moment as being deciding to take a group of teenagers with varying disabilities including autism, attention deficit disorder, intellectual disabilities and behavioural issues to Sydney from Melbourne in a minibus to watch the 2000 Paralympic Games — driving and camping for the whole five day trip!

A previous recipient of a Queen's Trust scholarship award to visit New Zealand and Fijian special education settings, Anne is committed to constantly updating and extending her skills into new and diverse areas of writing and education.


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