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Dance Theory in Practice for Teachers

ISBN: 9781877390081
Code: 0219
Dance Theory in Practice for Teachers Cover
  • Assists putting dance theory into action by building the theoretical knowledge of the practical skills that a dancer needs
  • Offers simple physical dance and viewing tasks, activities and exercises to use with students
  • Is intended for students of high school age but can be used with younger age groups
  • Provides student-friendly information and self-assessment sheets
  • Is written in an accessible style that teachers can use verbally as they teach

Dance Theory in Practice for Teachers has two major sections. The first, The Dancer in Training, brings in practical tasks that cover safe studio practice, ideas for daily class warm-ups and cool-downs, simple anatomy and physiology, dance basics (co-ordination, alignment, flexibility, stamina), and photos or diagrams of the 'dancer in action'. The second, Dancers' Performance Skills, includes projection, emphasis, range, memory/accuracy, group awareness, focus, and involvement of the whole self. Strategies for rehearsal focus on the choreographer's intent, style and approaches.

Pages: 60 | Ages: 14-17

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About the Author

Picture of Linda Ashley
Dr Linda Ashley PhD, (University of Auckland), MA (University of London), BEd Hons (University of Liverpool, I M Marsh College) has extensive experience in dance, not only as a teacher, choreographer and performer but also in dance research. She recently retired as Research and Academic Leader, Senior Lecturer on the Bachelor of Dance degree at AUT University. Linda has been writing since 1996, and two of her books, 'Dance Sense' and 'Essential Guide to Dance', sell internationally. In 2002 she produced (under a New Zealand Ministry of Education curriculum materials development contract) the video, Dancing the Long White Cloud. Her ongoing research interest in the area of aging and dance comes to life occasionally as a performance dance monologue entitled, 'Several Decades in the Life of a Dolly Mixture: The youthansaia of dance'. Her doctorate thesis is at the cutting edge of investigating teaching of culturally diverse dances in education and is the topic for her new book to be published in 2012 'Dancing with difference: Culturally diverse dances in education'. For more information about Linda go to: