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Interactive Literacy


Integrating an interactive whiteboard into your literacy programme

ISBN: 9781927190951
Code: 5719


Interactive Literacy Cover
Watch your students’ motivation and achievement soar. Interactive Literacy gives practical ideas for using the interactive whiteboard in ways that will make a real difference to your students’ literacy learning. It details numerous motivating activities for reading, writing and oral language and guides you in identifying how you can extend your capability with this tool still further.

Pages: 56 | Ages: 7-11

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About the Author

Marnie Etheridge graduated from Waikato University as a primary school teacher and subsequently taught in Cambridge, New Zealand and in London, UK. It was in London that she began her journey with ActivBoards as ICT coordinator and later ran courses for teachers across the London Borough of Westminster. Since returning to New Zealand, Marnie has been a teaching and learning advisor for ACTIVBoardNZ and is now the national sales manager. She is passionate about the effective use of ActivBoards to support teaching and learning.

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