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Rocket Your Way to Inquiry - How to turn inquiry learning into a meteoric success

ISBN: 9781877523519
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Rocket Your Way to Inquiry Cover
Supercharge inquiry learning. This book supports teachers as they guide students through each stage of the inquiry process. It offers fresh ideas for activities and constructive tools for implementing them, and the accompanying photocopiable worksheets provide students with opportunities to practise the skills and techniques they need to complete projects. This resource is a good fit for many curriculum areas and for a wide range of ability levels.

Pages: 52 | Ages: 7-12

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About the Author

Andrea Gore has taught at all levels up to Year 8, in both the UK and New Zealand. In her current role as head of curriculum at Mangawhai Beach School, north of Auckland, she assists teachers in delivering the new curriculum, assessment and new learning approaches. With a long-held passion for sharing her resources and expertise in the area of research and inquiry learning, she aims to enable teachers to equip students with the skills they need to keep up with emerging technologies and prepare for the future.

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