Let’s Take It Outside! Bk 1


Educator-created activities for outdoor learning

ISBN: 9781927251447
Code: 0810
Let’s Take It Outside! Bk 1 Cover
The age-appropriate activities in book 1 are thematically organised, for example, counting, animals and insects, light and shadow, and are easily incorporated into your planning. Simple, readily available materials, clear learning objectives, preparation and method notes, plus tips, provide sound educator support for the activities in a busy early years setting. So, take the children outside for stimulating learning adventures as they make mud-dough letters, go on a rainbow scavenger hunt and play animal charades!

Pages: 66 | Ages: 3-5

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About the Authors

Mary Rein has since retired from Gryphon House, she lives in Maryland.
Brittany Roberts is a junior editor with Gryphon House. She lives in Clemmons, North Carolina.
Kathy Charner is the Editor-in-Chief, Books and Related Resources for the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), the United States’ leading professional organisation for those working with and on behalf of young children from birth to eight years of age. Kathy Charner, who was previously the Editor-in-Chief of Gryphon House, manages and oversees NAEYC’s book publishing programme. Before joining NAEYC, Charner spent 25 years at Gryphon House, where she developed the publishing programme and worked with authors to create books in the early childhood education field. Prior to joining Gryphon House, Charner was a preschool teacher and educational researcher. Kathy Charner has a BA in Humanities from Binghamton University. She lives with her husband in Silver Spring, Maryland.