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Let's Think

Warm-up activities to stimulate the brain

Let's Think! is the first in a series of three books on thinking skills. Links between the three enable you, the teacher, to plan entire lessons or units using activities from the books.

This first book contains activities that encourage children to generate ideas quickly. For this, they need to develop the skills of:

  • Fluency: Developed in this resource by having children write, draw, say, and present as many ideas as possible on a specified topic, focus, or idea
  • Flexibility: Developed in this resource by having children look at problems from different points of view and adapting ideas to formulate something new.

Just as an athlete will not run a race without warming up his or her muscles, so it is that before engaging children in any form of thinking, you should give them activities that "warm-up" the brain to encourage the production and flow of ideas.

Ages: 5-12 | Pages: 52 | Code: 0233 | ISBN: 9781877390258

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Picture of Jacqui Arnold

Jacqui Arnold

Jacquie Arnold has been teaching at various levels of the primary school for the past 10 years. She became interested in thinking skills while studying for her Master of Education degree at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. During 2001-2002, Jacquie developed and taught a programme for gifted children. She believes that it is important to implement thinking skills strategies in all areas of the curriculum as a way to encourage children to question "Why?", and to think "outside the square".


Section One: A General Warm-up5
Teacher Notes5
Section Two: Comparing and Contrasting7
Teacher Notes7
What Is ... ?8
What Did You ...?9
What Did You Eat?10
Section Three: Alternative Viewpoints11
Teacher Notes11
Food Mishmash12
Who Likes Ice Cream?13
Fashion Sense14
Sticky Tape15
What Will Fit?16
New Uses17
Different Functions18
Section Four: Decision-making
and Reasoning19
Teacher Notes19
Food, Wonderful Food!20
International Traveller21
What Is Important to You?22
Excuses, Excuses24
Excuse Time!25
What Is Your Excuse?26
Tell Me Why27
Give Me a Reason ...28
What Is the Reason?29
Section Five: Literacy30
Teacher Notes30
Rhyme Time31
Name Rhyme32
What's in a Name?33
How Could You Say ...?34
How Does It Feel?35
Different Words, Same Meaning36
Section Six: Memory and Observation37
Teacher Notes37
Drawing from Memory38
Drawing through Observation39
Section Seven: Touch and Movement40
Teacher Notes40
String Pictures41
Straw Shapes42
Face Feelings43
Make a Pose44
Body Language45
Freeze Frame46
Section Eight: Wind-ups47
Teacher Notes47
Team Quiz Tag 148
Team Quiz Tag 249
Team Quiz Tag 350