Playing with the Curriculum


How drama can enhance your curriculum coverage in the junior school

ISBN: 9781877390098
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Playing with the Curriculum Cover
Set them up as “bosses” of their own learning. Playing with the Curriculum will take students on a learning adventure with drama and activities that embrace a number of curriculum areas. Students develop language skills, explore social relationships and can engage in research and analysis. This resource is designed for the junior classes. It provides an easy-to-follow framework and a wide range of processes and curriculum applications.

Pages: 52 | Ages: 6-9

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About the Author

Picture of Janinka Greenwood

Dr Janinka Greenwood believes in the creativity of learning. She has taught drama for over 20 years, in primary, secondary and tertiary classrooms, and is well known in New Zealand and internationally for her explorations of drama and theatre processes as means for learning in a wide range of areas. She has recently been awarded the prestigious Research and Distinguished Dissertation Award, presented by the American Alliance for Theatre and Education in the United States.

Janika is a principal lecturer at Christchurch College of Education and publication officer for the New Zealand Association for Drama in Education (NZADIE). Her recent publications include Mapping the Terrain: A History of Bicultural Theatre, articles in ride, IDEA Publications, NJ (Drama Australia), the NZADIE Journal, and classroom-based resources.