How Children Learn Book 1 - Revised edition, Colour Cover

How Children Learn Book 1 - Revised edition, Colour

Educational theories and approaches - from Comenius, the father of modern education, to giants such as Piaget, Vygotsky and Malaguzzi

This new How Children Learn Book 1 - Revised edition, summaries the findings and ideas of thirty educational theorists and psychologists and their different approaches to education. Historical background of each theorist is provided and their theory is explained, the influence it has had, and the criticisms it has received. It links the theory with practice and indicates what practice, based on the theory, would look like.

Ages: 0-5 | Pages: 120 | Code: 01230 | ISBN: 9781776559411

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Linda Pound

Linda Pound is an experienced educator and author who has worked in all sectors of education, including tertiary, but whose passion is work with young children and their families. She has been head of a nursery school and deputy head of a primary school, and has also run both foundation and honours degree programmes on early childhood studies.


John Comenius6
Jean-Jacques Rousseau8
Johann Pestalozzi10
Robert Owen13
Friedrich Froebel17
Sigmund Freud and psychoanalytic theories21
John Dewey27
Margaret McMillan30
Rudolf Steiner and Steiner Waldorf education33
Maria Montessori and the Montessori method37
Susan Isaacs41
Jean Piaget45
Lev Vygotsky50
Burrhus Skinner and behaviourism54
John Bowlby and attachment theory58
Jerome Bruner62
Chris Athey and schema theory66
Loris Malaguzzi and early education in Reggio Emilia70
Paulo Freire74
David Weikart and the HighScope approach77
Margaret Donaldson and post-Piagetian theories81
Howard Gardner and multiple intelligence theory85
Te Whariki90
Forest schools94
Learning through play98
Research into brain development103
Emotional intelligence108
References and where to find out more112