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Greedy Cat – Children's Theatre Play

The magic of children's theatre in your classroom

Book your class into Greedy Cat – Children’s Theatre. Experience the beloved Joy Cowley stories, adapted, performed and filmed by specialist children’s theatre company Tim Bray Theatre – without leaving your classroom.

The original Greedy Cat stories have been carefully adapted to retain the essence, fun and familiar language of the printed books. Filmed specifically for this online theatre format, Greedy Cat – Children’s Theatre offers accessible versions and free downloadable teaching resources to help you enhance the learning experience and to connect classroom learning to student creativity.

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Your subscription

For $195.00 you will receive:

  • Seven-day access for your class to your preferred format version
  • The ability to watch Greedy Cat – Children’s Theatre as many times as you like during your subscription period
  • Free and unlimited access to two Greedy Cat – Children’s Theatre teaching guides

The nine Greedy Cat stories, written by Joy Cowley, illustrated by Robyn Belton, are brought to life by Tim Bray Theatre Company.

Online access to a vibrant, video learning experience

Greedy Cat – Children’s Theatre makes engaging, high-quality children’s theatre accessible to early childhood and primary school learners – no matter where you are in Australia.

High-quality video production, a professional cast, vibrant set and costume design, and strong visual cues contribute to children’s enjoyment of the performance.

Three accessible format versions provide access to these popular, engaging performances to children with a wide range of reading and learning abilities.

Free, downloadable Teaching Guides support in-classroom learning. Video run-time varies between version formats but is approximately 60 minutes (excluding credits). Depending on your learners’ needs, viewing can be split into three sessions with corresponding Resource Guide activities for each segment. Read our Greedy Cat Frequently Asked Questions for more detail.

What happens when you book?

Book your tickets to Greedy Cat – Children’s Theatre. Schedule your seven-day subscription for the dates that best suit your teaching and planning requirements. Choose our Standard Education version or one of three accessible format versions.

Once you have booked and scheduled your subscription dates:

  • You will receive an email with all your access and seven-day subscription details
  • Greedy Cat – Online Theatre will be available to you for the seven-day period you select
  • Your seven-day streaming access will be provided through our online storage system, Filebox
  • Access your free Greedy Cat Resource Guide at any time to extend and enhance the experience and create new learning opportunities.

Accessible versions

Every child has the right to enjoy the magic of theatre. Three accessible versions of Greedy Cat – Online Theatre in addition to the Standard Education Version are available. Share this joyful, entertaining performance with children across a variety of learning needs and abilities, including:

  • ESOL students
  • Blind and visually impaired students
  • Hearing impaired students

View the trailers below to select the accessible version that best suits your class:

Open Captioned

Audio Described

audio described greedy cat

Bring the magic of theatre to as many children as possible​

Choose a free resource guide

We’ve created two free, downloadable Greedy Cat teaching resource guides. Choose between our Early Childhood and Primary guides to enhance and extend the learning experience with age-appropriate teaching ideas and activities for your class.

You can download each guide before you book to help plan your online theatre experience. 

Greedy cat ece guide

For early childhood

Our Early Childhood Educators’ Resource Guide connects to Joy Cowley’s Greedy Cat books and sets out both teaching ideas and activities you can use to build on your online theatre experience. Collated by early childhood expert Celeste Harrington, the guide links to Early Years Learning Framework.

greedy cat primary guide

For primary

Our Teachers’ Resource Guide connects to Joy Cowley’s Greedy Cat books. Featuring Australian Curriculum links, it contains ideas you can use to enhance your online theatre experience. Select or adapt the activities compiled by education expert Rosemary Tisdall to suit the age level of your primary school learners.

“Thank you for giving the students this opportunity. Though not live, it was their first interaction with theatre. They were so inspired to go off and create and act in their own plays after watching this.”
Emma-Rose Owens, Rosebank School
“Our tamariki and community loved Greedy Cat. The Junior School linked Greedy Cat stories in their home learning activities and lessons. Some fantastic artwork was created.”
Sunnynook School
“The ability to pause and discuss in certain moments was great. The teacher support material also offered up great ideas. Students were really inspired.”
Sunnynook School
Online theatre

About Tim Bray Theatre Company

Tim Bray Theatre Company is Aotearoa New Zealand’s longest-running professional children’s theatre company. As a charitable trust, it is dedicated to inspiring children aged three to 10 years (and their families) with original productions based on acclaimed local and international children’s books.

Tim Bray Theatre Company has delivered over 100 original productions and in 2020 won the Arts Access Creative New Zealand Arts for All Award for its long-term commitment to making theatre accessible.

Greedy Cat Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at our Greedy Cat Frequently Asked Questions and find out more about Greedy Cat – Children’s Theatre.

Your subscription is for seven days from the first day of your scheduled booking.

It may suit your learners’ to watch parts or all of the show multiple times. To facilitate this, your seven-day subscription allows you unlimited viewing during your subscription period. Please note, that only one device can access your account at any one time. To watch on a new device, Log Out of the account and Log In on the new device you would like to watch on.

Yes. Your account and chosen video can be accessed as many times as required for the length of access across multiple devices. Please note, however, that only one device can access your account at a time.

Yes! Four different versions of Greedy Cat – Online Theatre are available, these are:

  • Standard Education
  • Open Captioned – includes English language captions for dialogue and lyrics at the foot of the screen
  • NZSL – includes a New Zealand Sign Language interpreter in the corner of the screen to interpret dialogue and lyrics for D/deaf and NZSL users
  • Audio Described – includes commentary to describe the visual action on screen, in addition to dialogue, music and songs, for blind and visually impaired viewers.

The run time is 58 minutes including credits (56 minutes excluding credits) for the Standard, Open Captioned, and NZSL versions. The Audio Described version has a run time of 105 minutes including credits (59 minutes excluding credits).

Depending on your teaching requirements you can watch the show in one sitting or break it up into segments to allow for viewings over three 20-minute (approximate) sessions. These segments tie in with the activities noted below from the Teachers’ Resource Guide (for primary schools) and Early Childhood Educators’ Resource Guide.

No. The show is played via a web browser. When you book in, Essential Resources will send you an email providing you access for the seven-day period of your selected subscription dates. Access is through our online storage system, Filebox. You will be able to access the show on Filebox, using your web browser on the first date of your subscription. You do not need any special software to view the show.

You can choose between two free, downloadable digital guides to reflect the age and stage of the children you work with. Download the relevant guide prior to your booking, or at any point after. There is no time limit on your use of the guide you select.

The following stories are adapted into the online performance and are the printed books that the Teachers’ Resource Guide and Early Childhood Educators’ Resource Guide activities refer and connect to.

Greedy Cat – Online is based on nine Joy Cowley Greedy Cat books:
Greedy Cat Is Hungry
What Does Greedy Cat Like?
Along Came Greedy Cat
Greedy Cat and the Sneeze
Greedy Cat’s Door
Greedy Cat and the Goldfish
Lunch for Greedy Cat
Greedy Cat and the Birthday Cake
Greedy Cat and the School Pet Show

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